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How to use different coffee beans in a coffee grinder?

1. Clean and prepare the coffee grinder:
Make sure the coffee grinder is clean and free of old coffee residue. Rinse and dry the grinder thoroughly with clean water to prevent flavors from mixing between different beans.

2. Choose the appropriate grind setting:
Different types of coffee beans may require different grind sizes. Generally, coarse grinds are suitable for French Press or longer brewing methods, medium grinds are suitable for drip coffee machines or metal filters, and fine grinds are suitable for espresso machines.

3. Measure the coffee beans as needed:
Measure the appropriate amount of coffee beans according to the amount of coffee you need to make. It is generally recommended to use a ratio of coffee beans to water, usually about 10 grams of coffee beans per cup.

4. Add the coffee grinder:
Pour the selected coffee beans into the bean hopper of the coffee grinder. Make sure the bean hopper is clean and can be completely sealed to prevent the coffee beans from moisture or oxidation.

5. Set the grinding time and amount:
Choose the appropriate grinding time and amount according to your personal preferences and the settings of the coffee machine. Generally, longer grinding times will make the coffee beans grind finer.

6. Start grinding:
Start the coffee grinder and wait for the grinding process to complete. Ensure a stable power supply and a suitable working environment during the grinding process.

7. Store remaining coffee beans:
If there are remaining coffee beans, it is recommended to put them in a sealed container and store them in a cool and dry place to maintain their freshness and taste.

8. Cleaning and maintenance:
After finishing the grinding, clean the grinding chamber and bean bin of the coffee grinder in time to prevent the residual coffee from affecting the next grinding.

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